How to “Kick Up” Your Next Corporate Event

By August 5, 2020Corporate Tips

It is essential to provide your employees with recognition and rewards for their hard work. In addition to giving your employees a physical break from the office, with turnover rates continuing to grow with millennials, taking a break from the office and hosting an event off-site is proven to increase employee retention as well as satisfaction. Here are some ways to “kick up” your next off-site corporate event!


Educational Speakers

Company guest speakers are a great way to break up the work week and bring your employees off-site to enjoy some lunch and inspiration. Choose a motivational speaker, an industry specific speaker, or an innovative speaker to engage with your employees and allow them to focus on their personal and individual goals rather than company goals.


Mystery Dinner Event

This event will have your employees talking for months… even years! These events combine mystery, scripted theater, comedic improvisation, and audience interaction into an experience your team will be raving about!  It is commonly described as a “live action version of the game Clue.” Choose a venue, theme and menu for your mystery dinner and get ready to solve the crime!


Adult Mini Prom

Enjoy a blast from that past and put on your most fabulous “prom” attire. Relive your prom night with your partner or a friend! This can be a fun and unique idea for companies to encourage their employees to dress up and have a fun filled night with their partner and coworkers! Include all the prom night essentials such as a photo booth, DJ, dancing and punch!


Company Outing

While events are always great, there is always the option of doing an employee outing. This could include anything from kayaking, taking a cooking class, bowling, axe throwing, or visiting a local tourist attraction! Whichever you choose, it is great to get your staff outside of the office for a day and enjoy some fun team building.


Family Holiday Party

Celebrate the Holiday of your choice with your coworkers and family! While hosting an annual company Christmas party is common, you can think outside of the box and consider hosting a Halloween party, or even a New Year’s Eve party! Everyone enjoys the holidays, and it gives your employees something to look forward to knowing that they can include their families as well.


If you are interested in discussing any of these ideas or others, please reach out to us! We’d love to hear from you and help you create the perfect experience for your team. Contact me at [email protected] or 412-821-2530 to discuss your next corporate event needs!