Frequently Asked Questions

What types of events do you host?

Sigmas Event Center has been designed to avoid the problems that could be encountered such as congestion, confusion of abundant bookings, and the poor management of events. You are our special and private guests when you book at Sigmas! We can host up to 125 – 150 guests for corporate and social events, and up to 100 guests for weddings/receptions. Please feel free to contact us and let us know about your event and we will make all the necessary arrangements to ensure it is a success! Below are just a few types of events we can host:

  • Training workshop
  • Annual meeting
  • Executive meeting
  • Sales training seminar
  • Arbitration meeting
  • Deposition
  • Business planning meeting
  • Networking event
  • Engagement party
  • Wedding shower
  • Rehearsal dinner
  • Bachelor/Bachelorette party
  • Wedding ceremony
  • Wedding reception
  • Anniversary party
  • Baby shower/gender reveal party
  • Birthday party
  • Bar/Bat Mitzvah
  • Holiday party
  • Celebration of life receptions

How large is your facility?

Our facility is approximately 10,000 ft2 encompassing a “main level”, “upper level” and “lower level” space. The main level is ~2100 ft2, upper level offers ~2000 ft2, and the lower level is ~1100 ft2. For more information about the size of our facility and what types of events we are capable of hosting, please contact us. Click here to view more information about room capabilities

What is your catering and food policy?

We recommend three different full-service caterers who work extremely well with Sigmas. However, you may use any caterer or bring your own food. The caterer or host is responsible for all china/serving ware, dinner glassware (or you may rent from Sigmas for events under 50 people), food setup, serving, clean up and disposal.

If you choose to provide your own food or use a caterer not on our recommended caterer list, an additional $500 security deposit will be required. This additional deposit will be returned only if upon event closure, the caterer/customer leave Sigmas in the condition that it was originally found, and a completed cleaning/breakdown checklist is submitted by the caterer/customer and approved by Sigmas at the end of the event. No exceptions will be made. Failure to meet any of Sigmas’ requirements will result in automatic forfeiture of the $500 security deposit.

Do you have parking?

We offer free on-site parking for up to 45 cars (this includes staff, vendor, and guest cars). You can hire a valet service if you believe you will exceed our free parking lot limit. Cost of the valet is the responsibility of the customer, and the valet company will be required to provide a Certificate of Insurance.

Who provides alcohol and beverages?

There is no sale of alcohol at Sigmas and no BYOB/bottle service is permitted by individual guests. Any wine, champagne, or alcohol must be purchased by the host and served by a certified bartender through your caterer or bartending company. A liquor liability insurance certificate must be provided by you, your caterer, or a bartending company. No exceptions.

The host will purchase the desired “mixers” package from the caterer/bartending company that would include ice, mixers, garnishes, bar equipment, glassware, etc. for the host-supplied alcoholic beverages.

We do not allow “shots” of alcohol; if alcohol will be served, then it must be mixed with a non-alcoholic beverage mixer.

The bartenders will check IDs and only serve people over 21 years old. They reserve the right to refuse service to anyone intoxicated or behaving inappropriately.

Who is responsible for providing the staff and cleaning?

Sigmas’ venue staff, led by our own venue manager, is on-site during your event to manage the facility including maintenance, bathroom stocking, major spills, and overall venue supervision.

In preparation for your event, our staff will setup the number of tables and chairs requested; and will put our linen tablecloths, if rented from Sigmas, on the round tables. The appropriate count of linen napkins will be available on the tables (but not folded or set). If linens are rented outside of Sigmas, the host/caterer will be responsible for all linen setup.

Our staff is not responsible for setting up the décor, table place settings (china, flatware, glasses, and napkins), any centerpieces, timeline, vendor management, food set-up/serving, cleanup, etc.

We strongly recommend, at a minimum, a day-of coordinator to oversee those details. Our preferred caterers offer this service, and we can recommend independent event planners.

What kind of technology do you provide?

State-of-the-art audio and visual technology are provided. Here are just a few highlights of the items offered:

  • Laptop computers with Microsoft Office
  • Microphone (handheld & hands-free lapel)
  • Embedded speakers
  • DVD/CD player and recorder
  • Wall mounted projection screen or flat screen monitors
  • Two Smart Boards®
  • Video and audio recording
  • Wireless internet
  • Access to a network printer

How do you handle vendors and decoration?

We are not exclusive to any vendors however we are happy to make recommendations. You are permitted to use our house table and ledge decorations or bring your own; either way, you will be responsible for setting up all decorations within the allotted time rental.

Confetti, glitter, sparklers, rice throwing, dove/butterfly launch are not permitted.

Flameless candles are permitted; real candles may be permitted at the discretion of Sigmas’ management team.

Certificates of insurance for vendors can be required at Sigmas’ management’s discretion.

Do you have a dance floor?

We do not have a stationary dance floor – all surfaces are wall-to-wall carpeting. You are welcome to rent a dance floor, but please discuss the sizes with us prior to securing your rental.

Do you provide linens?

You may rent our rectangular tablecloths, round table floor-length tablecloths, and/or napkins in various colors (white, ivory, black, purple) for an additional fee.

If you desire specialty linens, you are welcome to rent those with your chosen vendor/caterer. However you, or your caterer, will be responsible for setting up those linens. The vendor/caterer will be responsible for setting up all napkins.

If you use Sigmas’ linens, you will not be responsible for collecting or laundering them at the end of the event. Damages to Sigmas’ linens will be charged $20/tablecloth and $10/napkin and will be charged at the sole discretion of Sigmas (and includes the need for excessive laundering).

What do you suggest for planning and coordination of our special event?

We recommend a day-of coordinator/planner at a minimum. We can recommend a planner that can assist you with comprehensive planning, design and coordination, or day-of coordination.

What are your payment terms and pricing?

No dates are held without a non-refundable $500 deposit. 50% of the remaining balance is due 45 calendar days from the date of the deposit. The final balance is due 90 days from the date of the deposit.

Pricing is subject to change for holiday dates.

What is your cancellation policy?

a) If a Cancellation occurs at any time from the date of execution of this Agreement to 120 days prior to the Wedding Date,the cancellation fee will be equivalent to the initial deposit.

b) If a Cancellation occurs from 119 days to 46 days prior to the Wedding Date, the cancellation fee is equivalent to fifty percent (50%) of the Estimated Total Cost.

c) If a Cancellation occurs 45 days or less prior to the Wedding Date, the cancellation fee is equivalent to one hundred percent (100%) of the Estimated Total Cost, plus any documented cancellation fees, penalties or expenses incurred by Sigmas as a result of cancelling the services of any third-party vendor hired by Sigmas for purposes of the wedding.

In the unlikely event of a Cancellation, all deposits received will be retained EXCEPT for the additional Security/Cleaning fee that is required for all weddings bringing their own food and/or using a non-approved caterer. That Security/Cleaning Fee will be returned or applied to any incurred cancellation fees described in (b) and (c) above; however the nonrefundable $500 deposit will not be returned for any cancellation reason.

Can I have both my ceremony and reception at Sigmas?

Yes! You may use the allotted hours to include both a ceremony and reception. Please keep in mind though that the 10-hour rental includes all setup and cleanup/breakdown time.

You do have the option of adding extra hours for an additional fee.

What do you suggest for planning and coordination of our wedding?

We strongly recommend a day-of coordinator/planner at a minimum. We can recommend a planner who can assist you with comprehensive planning, design and coordination, or day-of coordination.

How do you get to Sigmas Event Center?

Google Maps It!

1717 Babcock Blvd.
Pittsburgh, PA 15209