5 Ways to Personalize Your Bridal Shower

By January 29, 2021Event Planning, Party, Sigmas, Wedding

Bridal Showers are a special way for newly engaged people to celebrate their upcoming wedding with their close friends and family.  Not only can bridal showers be a lot of fun, but they mark a very special occasion in your life. This is a chance for you to sit back with the people who are the most important to you and celebrate this newest chapter in your life.

Here at Sigmas Event Center, we work with you to customize your special celebration to make your vision come to life. We have pulled together a few tips on how you can personalize your bridal shower to make it a unique and unforgettable experience!

Plan an Activity that You Really Love

Every bride-to-be is different with their style and tastes when it comes to planning. Some brides enjoy hands-on activities while others like more of a relaxed and pampered day. If you are more of the creative type, you can consider having a party that includes DIY (do-it-yourself) activities like jewelry-making, a craft, or painting. For those who are looking to have a little more laid-back experience, consider hosting a relaxed afternoon with your guests over good food and drinks. Or perhaps a themed shower, like a tea-party or genre-specific event, is more your style. For an ultimate indulgence, offer spa services like mini-manicures and chair massages at the venue; or choose a day-spa as the host location.  

Dress for “Success”

Guests attending your special day will want to know if there is a dress code to attend. If you want to kick things up, consider asking your guests to wear a specific type of clothing (i.e. 40’s themed shower) or a special matching item. They always say you should “dress for success” and your bridal shower should be no exception. If you are planning your shower for Spring or Summer, choose floral patterns for décor and/or dress code suggestions! Considering a beach themed party? The options are endless for creating a beach-like atmosphere at your shower. For those who want the event to be extra relaxed, you can even show up in sleepwear or fun-themed pajamas. Whatever theme you choose, these outfits will certainly make for great party photos and memories!

Let Your Guests Bring a Game

Games are a common tradition at bridal showers, so why not have your guests bring their favorite game to share? Bonus, if they bring a game, that means you don’t have to worry about providing one on your end! You might not get to playing all of the games, but this is also a unique way to introduce new game ideas to your guests. If you want to keep things simple, you can also designate one of your guests to help manage the games and select what everyone might participate in during the shower. Keep in mind that some of the traditional shower games do keep the focus on YOU – the star of the shower, so don’t be afraid to include some of those “get to know the bride/groom” games in your agenda. 

Don’t Forget the Party Favors

Everyone loves a good party favor! It’s the little take-away items that help your guests remember your special day – and it’s a great way to share just a small token of your appreciation for them attending. Party favors can also take on the theme of your bridal shower. If you hosted a fancy event, you may consider something like a nice bottle of wine with a personalized note/label on the outside. If you are more of a DIY-style person, you can always whip up personalized gift baskets that are filled with a few smaller items and include a personalized note to your guests. They will appreciate that you took time to think of them and they will leave with a wonderful memory.

Work with Your Venue Coordinator

Your venue vendor is always a great resource when it comes to planning. Here at Sigmas, we love hearing your vision for your special day and making sure we bring it to life. We work with a variety of event planners, catering services, and entertainment providers as well. As you plan for your special day, please check out our list of preferred partners to get some ideas. And give us a call to schedule your private tour of Sigmas.