How to Work From Home Like a Pro

By March 1, 2021Corporate Tips, Lifestyle

Many of us are still working from home as we navigate through the COVID-19 obstacles. That means many of us have our daily routines and work styles impacted, and that can be frustrating. There are some bright sides to working from home too, like not having to worry about the time/gas needed for commuting or dressing up fully. But the challenges of working from home can often outweigh the benefits. We have pulled together some easy tips that will help you adjust to working from home so you’re working like a pro and making the most of your new work environment.

  • Have a Dedicated Workspace in the House

If you are lucky to have a home office, that’s great! But if you’re not, be sure to select a corner or quiet space in your house where you can spend your work day comfortably and be productive. You will also want to make sure you have a table and chair that are ergonomically correct for sitting (or standing if you have that option). You can find several options for standing desks online if that is more your style.

  • Take a Break

Taking a 5-10 minute break every hour will help to keep you focused during the day, especially if you are slammed with back-to-back meetings. These breaks will help provide you with better productivity, increased energy, and better concentration. If you need to, set a timer to help you stay on track.

  • Save Family Discussions for Later

When you are working from home with a spouse or children, it may be easy to slip into conversations about important topics. Keep these distractions and those personal topics off to the side until your work is complete – remember, you are still at work! Save your energy for the work tasks at hand and stay productive. You can even try to keep a list of topics that you want to discuss with your family members so you don’t forget them, and at the same time acknowledge them for others to see.

  • Dress for Where You Want to Be

You might be working from home but dressing as if you are in a room full of co-workers might be the best thing for your work productivity. Wearing the right “power” clothes will sometimes instantly help to increase your energy when you are stuck working from home.

  • Stick with Regular Hours

Too often, working from home means we never really stop working. Be sure to stick with your regular work hours if at all possible. If you have the ability to adjust your hours, just be sure to stick to a good routine that’s manageable and allows for you to be as productive as possible throughout the day.

If you have something to share with us that you have been doing at home, send us your pictures and tips! We will include them in our social media. Email them to us at: [email protected].