Black Friday Shopping Tips For 2020

By November 23, 2020Lifestyle

Score Early Deals

Many retailers will put items on sale the week of Black Friday – Do not miss out! It is never too early to begin shopping, and besides that…who does not love a good deal? Many retailers will also send special offers directly to your inbox, do not forget to check your emails!


Follow Your Budget

Make a shopping list containing each of your gift recipients. Give each individual an appropriate budget and be sure to stay within that amount until all items are accounted for. Extra money can be applied to other individuals’ gifts or saved for the following year!


Shop Online

This year you will find that there are more online promotions, rather than in store, to avoid overcrowding. With more emphasis on online shopping, take advantage of curb-side pickup and delivery options to make your shopping experience simple and pleasant.


Shop with Someone

Whether you decide to shop virtually or in stores this season, it is always good to use the buddy system during the hustle and bustle of black Friday shopping. Hold your buddy accountable for making sure that you stay within budget and don’t get lost in the excitement of your shopping spree.


Not Everything Is A Deal

Remember that this is not a retailer’s first rodeo. They know exactly how to market their products to make it seem like you are receiving a great deal. Do your research and understand the difference between a deal and a façade.


Do Your Research

While your Black Friday may be spent looking for the largest TV that you can find, we must know and understand that there are many outlets in which we can purchase our items. Check and research all your sources before you commit to a purchase. You may be surprised with what you find if you look hard enough.