5 Ways To Give Back This Holiday Season

By November 4, 2020Lifestyle

Tis the season of great food, holiday cheer and giving! It is also the time of year when we may be frequently reminded of the many people in the world who are not as fortunate as we are. This year budgets may be tight, or maybe you are not in the same spot financially as previous years – but have no fear! You can still give back during the holiday season without breaking the bank. All it takes is some time and a little TLC. Here are some ideas that cost little to no money, and that can change someone’s spirit in an instant:


One of the greatest gifts that you can give is your time! The holiday season can be extremely busy for most, but in this demanding time of year, we must do all that we can to donate some of our time to help others. Take a few hours of your week to volunteer at a local charity or homeless shelter. If they are not in need of volunteers, ask for alternative ways that you can make a difference.

Random Acts of Kindness

Do you know of someone who may be struggling this year physically, mentally, or suffering the loss of a loved one? Give them a phone call or write them a little note to let them know that you are thinking of them. Pay for the customer behind you when buying your morning cup of coffee or tea. Double the tip amount at your favorite restaurants. The benefit of these small acts of kindness do not hardly compare to the small cost.

Lend A Helping Hand

There are plenty of ways to lend a helping hand! Something as simple as making an extra dinner once a week for someone, offering childcare to a single parent working extra hours during the holidays to make ends meet, or helping an elderly neighbor decorate their Christmas tree. Even the smallest of gestures can create a positive impact.

Host a Food or Coat Drive

All it takes is a drop off location and a small community of people who want to give back! Collect as many non-perishable food items, blankets, clothes, and coats to deliver to a local charity bank. Families struggling financially are often hesitant to express their need for these items but will have comfort knowing that there are resources available.

Raise Money for Charity of Your Choice

Consider asking family, friends, and your community to make a small donation to a charity of your choice. This will set a great example for the generations to come and will demonstrate the importance of giving back during the holiday season, or anytime! Start a tradition and continue this fundraiser each year!