Is a Friday Wedding Worth It?

By April 3, 2020Event Planning

A Friday Wedding May Be Worth It!

Traditionally, it is most common to celebrate your wedding day on a Saturday evening, but what is so bad about being nontraditional? One of the most common reasons for having a Saturday wedding is to best accommodate your guests and travelers. Though you will have to plan accordingly, a Friday wedding can be executed flawlessly.

You may be debating on which day to say, “I do” and more and more couples are opting to choose Friday. Here’s why:



As many of us know, weddings are not cheap – but there are ways to lower the cost and receive the same experience and quality. Hosting your wedding on an “off” day may come with some discounts. For a venue that has more weekday vs. weekend capacity, or one that may have an “off” season, they may offer reduced pricing or special promotions to encourage weekday or off-season weddings.

Venue Availability

This is true for both rehearsal dinner and wedding venues. This comes in handy especially if you are late in the planning process, or if you are set on a specific venue within a certain time frame. On average, wedding venues are booked 12-18 months in at advance.

Vendor Selection

Vendors can book up to two years in advance. This takes some of the pressure off when choosing a vendor because they may have more availability on a Friday. Additionally, your vendors may offer discounts or perks on these days. For example, photographers may offer double coverage during these days, so that you are able to capture your special day from all angles.

Guest Enjoyment

Who isn’t in a good mood on a Friday? Many would say that Friday is the best day of the week! Local guests especially will love to unwind and ring in their weekend celebrating with you. Best part? They will have the rest of the weekend to relax and recover

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