How To Begin Your Wedding Planning Process

By January 23, 2020Event Planning

Your partner just popped the question. Congratulations, you’re engaged! You proceed to announce your engagement and celebrate with family and friends. You can’t believe that you have finally found “the one.” Then it hits you… it’s time to get into planning mode. Most of us spend years dreaming of the day that we get to say, “I do” but unfortunately at times, the excitement of your engagement can be ruined by the stress and anxiety of wedding planning. Whether you choose to hire a wedding planner to assist you, or if you decide to do all the planning solo – don’t sweat!

After you’ve taken the time to bask in your newly engaged glow, here are a few quick tips on how to begin your wedding planning process:

1. Set a Budget

Let’s face it, weddings can be pricey. Many decisions stem from a wedding budget. Things tend to get a little out of hand when a budget is not set early on. Similar to making a list before heading to the grocery store so you don’t end up buying more than you need, talking through your budget now with your partner and exploring your options encourages a thorough thought-process and well-informed decisions. Your budget will ultimately determine what kind of wedding you can have.

2. Choose a Date and Venue

“When is the big day?” This will be one of the most common questions you get from guests. It will be difficult to make any progress with planning before nailing down a date. When choosing a date, be sure to give yourself enough time. There are many small details involved that can take longer than expected (i.e. a dress alteration can take anywhere from 2-6 months). Find as many venues that fit your budget and style and visit each of them until you find one that makes your heart skip a beat when your envision you and your guests there. 

3. Tackle the Guest List

Once the excitement begins to fade, it’s time to start working on the guest list. This can be challenging for some couples because the list tends to keep growing and growing and before you know it, you’re over the max capacity for your venue size. Set a firm and reasonable number of guests that you want to invite and stick to it.

4. Book Your Vendors

The average couple books 13 vendors to make their wedding day special. Though it may seem like a lot, it takes a great team to make your day run as smoothly as possible. Booking these vendors in advance is crucial to your planning process. The most important vendors would be your caterer, photographer, musician or entertainment, cake and floral arrangements. Make a vendor timeline for yourself so that you have a structured list to follow.

 5. Enjoy Being Engaged

Stare at your ring. Relive that special moment over and over. Enjoy every laugh, every tear, and every frustration that comes along with the madness of planning. This is so important. Your wedding will come and go in the blink of an eye, cherish each of the moments leading up to it. Most importantly, cherish your partner, who will stand alongside you every step of the way.

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