The Evolution of Sigmas

By January 9, 2020Sigmas Memories

When you visit us here at Sigmas Event Center, you will quickly discover that we’ve put a lot of thought into each step of our journey. Our boutique-like, unique and beautiful facility is sure to delight everyone who walks through our doors, but the adventure that we’ve taken to get where we are today is truly too fun not to share.

The journey began when Sharon Gregory, owner of a process-improvement consulting firm, Hexagon Solutions and Beyond, Inc. (HexSAB) became frustrated after the many challenging experiences she incurred while conducting local workshops and training sessions at a variety of different venues, including hotels and conference centers. After a half-dozen years of having average or below-average venue experiences, she vowed to begin the search for her own training space.

In October 2006, Sharon began her search. Months had passed after looking at countless properties, and she still hadn’t found the “perfect building”.  In January 2007, she stumbled upon the location which is now home to Sigmas Event Center. This building had its own history including being a general office space, a mortgage company, Chinese restaurant, and even a farm-house in the early 1900’s. After seeing the space, her vision suddenly began to grow into designing not only a training center for her HexSAB company, but a venue that could host a variety of corporate and social events. She purchased the building 2 months later in March, and named the new business, Sigmas Conference & Event Center.

The next nine months were spent transforming the building to bring to life Sharon’s vision of an extraordinary boutique-like event center that would be full of charm, comfort, convenience, and technology. The upper level was transformed into an amazing space equipped with a technology-packed training room, kitchen, team-building conducive break area, a business center and an executive meeting room. Our lower level, which was formerly a standard old basement with only one ceiling light operated by a chain in the center of the room, was transformed into an exquisite European café-style dining room. A wet bar, beautiful restrooms, technology, and other luxurious amenities completed this significant renovation. The main level underwent serious changes too to make it a suitable space to host both corporate and social events.

The dream was finally becoming reality and to celebrate the readiness of the new event venue (and test out our new processes!) we hosted a “grand opening” dinner on December 14th, 2007 for the friends & family of the Gregory’s. After great anticipation, on January 2nd, 2008, we hosted our first official event at Sigmas.

It wasn’t until 5 years later in the summer of 2012 that another round of significant renovations began. These renovations focused on the main level rooms to give them a full upgrade for state-of-the-art technology, as well as an exceptional “face-lift” that included new lighting, carpet, tile, drapery and paint.

To celebrate our 10-year anniversary we hosted a big bash with entertainment, games, prizes, food, and drink. We took this opportunity to unveil our new logo, website and name – changed from Sigmas Conference and Event Center to Sigmas Event Center.

We are proud to share that Sigmas has hosted hundreds of social and corporate events; each of them holding a special place in our hearts. The memories and experiences we have helped our customers to achieve are what have made “The Evolution of Sigmas” all worth it. This building has seen a lot of great changes in 13 years, and we are forever grateful to our customers supporting our journey. We thank you all for your past, current and future support as we are thrilled to see what this next decade brings!

Check out our awesome before and after photos below!



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