How to Handle the Week Before Your Wedding

By July 8, 2020Event Planning

It is the week before your wedding. How did time fly by so quickly? There are a million different thoughts running through your head and you are experiencing many different emotions. We understand! We want you to be fully prepared on your wedding day and do not want you to forget those small, yet important last-minute details. To ensure your peace of mind and a stable foundation, here is a short pre-wedding checklist… don’t worry, we’ve got you covered!


Confirm with Vendors

You have been working with your vendors throughout the entire wedding planning process. They have been, and will be, such a big part of your day. Confirm that each of them has the correct address, and time frame in which to follow the day of the wedding. If you have not already done this, now is the time to decide who will be your main point of contact, and briefly introduce them to your vendors over the phone or via email. This will allow for better flow and enhanced communication.


Write Your Vows

The night before your wedding, it is necessary to get a good night sleep. Who wants to be awake all night writing the perfect intro to “I do”? Best practice is to begin writing your vows at least one week before your wedding day. This way, you can take a breather and come back to writing all while avoiding being too stressed or emotional.


Confirm Your Wedding Day Logistics

Whether you choose to work with an official wedding planner, or you have decided to personally manage the wedding day itinerary, confirm that your timeline makes sense, is realistic, and does not need to be adjusted. While many of the vendors will be following their own timelines and logistics, it is best to confirm that they do not interfere with each other.


Pack Your Essentials Bag

Let’s be honest, your purse will be the last thing on your mind the day of the wedding, but what’s inside of it may be able to save you from a major or minor inconvenience. Be sure to pack things such as band aids, bobby pins, Tylenol, extra makeup, deodorant, and perfume! Many couples also begin to prepare envelopes with tip money to distribute to the vendors when the evening ends. This helps to avoid scrambling for cash and ensuring you are giving each person a fair and equal amount of money.


Clear Your Work To-Do List

Work emails? We have bigger fish to fry! Take care of all big projects, meetings, emails, and work tasks in advance if possible. It may not be realistic for you to enjoy the entire week before your wedding out of the office; but in fairness to you, your co-workers, and employer, do what you can to take the necessary days off prior to the wedding to focus on your big-day!


Say Thank You

As the week continues to fly by, take a moment to say thank you individually to each person who has supported you along the way. This does not only include the ones who have helped you financially, but the ones who motivated you to keep your head held high during the planning process, which many of us know can be extremely stressful at times. It has been a great adventure – Time to enjoy the magic!

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