Are You Maintaining Your Daily Routine?

By May 1, 2020Lifestyle

There is no denying that COVID-19 has thrown us a curveball. These recent changes have required many of us to adapt to new schedules, routines and habits – some good and some bad. While exercising becomes harder and snacking throughout the day becomes incredibly easy, let us look at how we can continue to maintain our regular “every day” routines… you know, the ones we practiced before we spent most of our days in pajamas.


A Consistent Sleep Routine

Many of us are working from home and have been for weeks. By now, most of us have realized that we can get away with rolling out of bed minutes before we start our workday – big mistake. Ditch the pajamas, get yourself a cup of coffee, and begin your day as if you were heading into the office. Shower, refresh, and eat a balanced breakfast. You will find that you are much more productive this way rather than responding to emails with one eye open.


Regular Workouts

The gym is closed… perfect excuse not to work out, right? Wrong! Exercise is not only important to maintain the health of our bodies physically, but mentally as well. Now I know what you are thinking… how do I work out if I can’t go to the gym? There are plenty of apps with hundreds of workouts and YouTube videos that are easy to follow along with. You don’t need fancy equipment to move your body, get your heart rate going and tone those muscles! You can even get outside and enjoy a bike ride, a brisk walk, or go for a jog. Whichever you choose, our bodies need and deserve it!


A Balanced Diet

The kitchen is much closer than it used to be, and snacks are so much more tempting then they were before. While many of us were accustomed to preparing our lunches and prepping our dinners for a quick and easy meal during the work week, are we still putting in that same effort or are we grabbing whatever is convenient? Prep your meals, maintain a balanced diet, minimize processed foods, and don’t stray away from eating your fruits and veggies! It is easy to not care about what you’re putting into your body when everything around us can be so overwhelming, but you want to come out of this quarantine feeling better than ever.


Your Daily Dose of Vitamin D

It is so important during these times to get outside and enjoy some fresh air – it is incredible what a little bit of sunlight can do for your body and soul. Amongst the many amazing benefits, vitamin D plays an important role in regulating our mood and warding off depression. Take a moment to look at the beautiful flowers blooming and listen to the birds chirping. Though our lives right now may not be what we are used to and seem to be on a pause, we would be foolish to overlook the beauty of spring, which does not stop for anyone.


Practice Positivity

It is crucial to remain positive always, especially during times like these. There is no need to wallow in self-pity, we all face our own challenges. Learn to unplug and enjoy the small blessings around you. Take this time to learn a skill, begin a new hobby or clean out that closet filled with clothes from the early 2000’s. Utilize this down time to do the things that have always been put on the back burner. Come out of this quarantine feeling accomplished, revitalized and motivated.