How Are You Staying Connected with Your Customers Virtually?

By April 21, 2020Corporate Tips

In this strange and uncertain time, the COVID-19 crisis has forced many professionals to adapt to new and effective ways to remain productive and in touch with their past and existing customers. Though we may be physically apart, your business relies on the relationships that you have built and will continue to build. So, how do we maintain this virtually?


Reach Out

It is important to maintain a relationship with your customers, but the last thing they want (or need) is to feel like they are receiving a pushy sales pitch. Spend this time reaching out with a short, sweet and personal message, asking how the customer is doing rather than sending them a message promoting your business. Resist managing your customer base with dry emails, mass-communications, and non-relevant updates. Keep your personalized communications lighthearted, respectful, and authentic. You care about your customers, so show it sincerely!


Social Media

Keep up with your social media! This is crucial to your business, as you want to be able come back strong when things begin to return to normalcy. Once you have successfully updated your customers about your company’s COVID-19 adjustments (and this may be an ongoing communication), rather than marketing your business, post relevant content such as inspirational messages, tips, and fun engagement posts. Social media is an effective way to stay in touch with your customers and community.


Show Your Support

We are all in this together, and we all have struggled in one way or another throughout this process, whether that be financially, mentally, and/or physically. Show your support to your customers by sharing their posts, promoting their content, or asking how you can help them if you have the tools to do so. Extend the opportunity to hop on a short call to catch up or enjoy a morning cup of coffee via video chat.


Share Your Experience

A great way to keep your customers in the loop is sharing your side of the story. Let them know how you are dealing with these changes and what you are doing to stay productive. Everyone is handling this situation differently. This gives customers a sense of trust and they will be comfortable to share their thoughts with you in return, which ultimately creates a stronger relationship.


Provide Relevant Tips and Information

With the recent changes, it is possible that some of your followers will have a bit more time on their hands. Additionally, some professionals are trying to soak up as much knowledge as possible. Sharing blog posts, “how to” articles and informative newsletters will keep your customers hungry for valuable information. This will increase engagement and boost morale. The more people to see your content, the better chance you have at building a relationship with a potential customer.

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