Home Office Hacks to Stay Productive and Organized

By March 23, 2020Corporate Tips

A home office – this has become a necessity for most business professionals. As companies begin to allow their staff to work remote, more and more employees have opted to work from home, at least part time. Whether you have a distinct room or a cut out corner, it is crucial to have a designated space that separates your office from your home for you to be able to work comfortably and efficiently. Here are some home office hacks:


Properly Store Mail

Many of us know how quickly mail can pile up. Designate an area for your mail and file it accordingly. Create a folder for incoming and outgoing mail, and any other categories that you feel may be necessary. As soon as mail comes in, tend to it, or at least file it if it doesn’t need immediate attention. Dedicate time at the end of each day to sort through your mail and determine what can be recycled. Keep stamps, envelopes and mailing labels handy so that you can easily prepare outgoing mail and personal thank you letters.


Utilize Wall Space

If your desk is stationary in your home, utilize the wall space around it. Install shelving units, filing cabinets, white boards and calendars. There is much more space available when you aren’t storing everything on top or beside of your desk. Wall space can also be used for decorating purposes!


Hide Cords

You would be surprised at how much a mountain of cords above or below your desk can distract you. Secure your cords while putting together your home office strategically. Manage cords easily by attaching binder clips at the edge of your desk and pulling them through the loops. Label the cords when appropriate. No more confusion and clutter!


Scan Everything

Avoid clutter by scanning pertinent documents and storing them onto your computer. Banish boxes of files, receipts and financial documents to reduce the amount of papers you must sort through each time you give your home office a good cleaning. When storing your files digitally, be sure to keep a backup storage unit on your hard drive! And don’t be afraid to throw away unnecessary papers!



You won’t mind rolling up your sleeves and getting to work if your home office looks fabulous! Small details can go a long way. Modern furniture, tasteful wall art, bright colors and pictures are a handful of the few creative touches that you can add to your home office. Decorating can be powerful and increase productivity when working from home.


Natural Lighting

Some days, it can be hard to find motivation, especially while working in the comfort of your own home. Natural light can ultimately increase the value of a space. If possible, designate your desk area in front or beside a window. Natural light provides many mental and physical benefits as well adding plants to your desk or surrounding areas. If the outdoor weather cooperates, take a lunch break outside and receive your daily dose of vitamin D!


Creating the perfect home office setting uses a bit of imagination and creativity. Make this space your happy place! Fill it with items that you love and things that motivate you. Whatever kind of work you conquer at home, you will not regret investing your time and effort into making it special!

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