5 Fun Nontraditional Holiday Party Ideas

By December 12, 2019Event Planning

It’s that time of year again. Holiday party planning… Relax, you got this!

There are a multitude of great ways to create a unique and memorable holiday party for your guests.
Most holiday parties include conversation, drinks and great food. Although these traditions will never grow old, if you want to stand out, you’ll have to think outside of the box this year.

Whether you’re hosting your yearly holiday celebration or starting a new tradition – here are 5 fabulous nontraditional Holiday party ideas!

1. International Potluck
Enjoy your holiday party with an International Potluck! Allow each guest to choose their favorite international dish to contribute. Not only does it save time, money and stress for the host, but gives each guest an opportunity to showcase their cooking skills and add their own personal touch.

2. Holiday Themed Scavenger Hunt
Who doesn’t love a good scavenger hunt? No matter how old we may be, it is safe to say we will always feel the excitement of finding the next clue or checking an item off our list. Though this does take some planning, it is a perfect way to spread holiday cheer amongst your guests. Let your loved ones follow the clues to a special surprise at the end!

3. Holiday Bake Off
This one can be messy, but the taste testing at the end is worth it. A holiday bake off is best for small, intimate groups. Each guest can supply their own ingredients to create their tastiest holiday treat! Assign a judge or vote anonymously. May the best dessert win!

4. Casino Themed Holiday Party
I know what you’re thinking… who wants to spend more money during the holidays? Host your casino themed holiday party with fake money or recycled prizes – you get the idea! Choose a selection of games (blackjack tables, roulette, Texas hold ‘em, money wheels) for your guests to enjoy simply just for the fun of it or winning silly prizes!

5. Nontraditional Tree Contest
This idea works best in a bigger space and can be helpful to recycle some old materials. Assign guests a certain amount of time to create their very own nontraditional Christmas tree! Encourage them to get creative and use items that they’ve found around the office or their home, including sticky notes, paperclips and books.

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